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GET Involved

Research shows that churches who participate in research are more likely to benefit and flourish themselves.

We invite you to participate, share your story, stay updated and spread the word.


If you are part of a flourishing congregation participate now. Tell us about flourishing congregations that come to mind. Do you know someone who could participate? Have them contact us directly.

Share your resources

(e.g. books, articles, videos, websites).


The more research we collect across Canada the stronger the findings, tools and resources that we can collectively share. We need your help to spread the word.


Create Awareness

Share our website, follow us on social media, refer a friend to our blog.



Invite Us To Speak

Challenge your church and leadership and tell others of this project.

Invite us to speak or lead a workshop in your community. Request a speaker.


From coast to coast there are stories of flourishing congregations. What does a flourishing congregation mean to you and what are your experiences?

Hearing these stories can be a valuable way for others to be inspired and encouraged. Let your voice be heard.

As stories are collected they will be published on the website and shared throughout our research project.

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